Welcome to WeAreCobots APAC, a Virtual Expo from Universal Robots, the World’s Leading Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Company. The latest “tools” in the manufacturing toolbox, cobots are a flexible automation solution with advanced safety features to work with humans on the shop floor – enabling cobots to handle applications requiring high precision and repetitiveness, freeing up people to exercise their human ingenuity in other valuable tasks.

This digital experience will feature over 15 Universal Robots and partner demos, where you can explore an array of cobot applications, including Material Handling, Machine Tending, Finishing, Assembly and Quality Inspection. We also have 15 enriching keynotes, where you can hear insights from automation experts on overcoming manufacturing challenges – all with live Q&A sessions so you can get all your cobot queries answered.

Register today and join us 6-8 October to experience the world of cobots!

Experience Various Cobot Applications at WeAreCobots APAC